Monday, 15 June 2015

JDMG: Street Rumble, Take Two (2015-05-27), Part 2

The Chimps got spurred on by the success of their Gorilla leader.

Zeppo ran up to one of the 'Runners and bashed her over the head with his club
Meanwhile, Chico felt outgunned , and moved to flank the opposition

Harpo used the cover of the industrial complex to try getting into an advantageous position.
One of the 'Runners started spraying Zeppo with hot lead...

...while Groucho was facing a lot of opposition...
...and, in a blood frenzy, decided to try getting up close and personal.

While Chico kept circling the street ladies...

...Zeppo was quicly dispatched.

Trixie's girls were controlling the central sgructures at this point.
This concludes part 2 of this rumble.

We are going to finish the game tomorrow after a break that was forced on us by Real Life, and I expect to get the rest of the write-up done soonish.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, mostly out-of-the-box Necromunda terrain with a few other bits and bobs. This was a quick set-up, next time we'll use a lot of modern die-cast vehicles - and I shall have to try getting some street scatter done. Well, so many projects to follow up on...