Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Summer Time - Quiet Time.

As some of my regular guests in these hallowed halls may have noticed, I have not been making updates as frequently as normal this last week or so.

June and July are for me always bound to have slightly less activity on the hobby front, as outdoor activities (big old house, large garden) and vacations away from home have to take precedence over tinkering with little warriors.

June also sees the birthday of my first-born, Anna, and it is always quite a puzzle to find time for her party in between barbeques, school and/or SFO (after-school daycare for 0-3rd graders) events, and various events at out work-places.

I shall try to post a couple of updates over the summer, but I do not want to update just for the sake of it, so, please bear with me, should the pauses get a bit long.

Here's some cake, as decorated by my kids - both with and without the dozen candles, denoting that my daughter may be liable to appear before a court, should she get into bad company and do something stupid - all depending on the outcome of the upcoming parliament election.

Well, well....


  1. Cake is good!

    Yes, the end of the school year can be a little bit busy for those of us with children, I agree...

    1. Yeah, it never ceases to startle me, just how many different parties, events, meetings, etc. collide during the last 3-4 weeks before the summer holidays...