Tuesday 9 June 2015

SotHT: Rebasing the Last Mini!

All I need to do to accomplish what I pledged to do, is getting the Grave Robber's base finished, and I can lay out the entire project for a photo.

I am not going to take the 'completed' picture until after Anna's birthday party, as I don't want to de forced to put it aside immediately after the photo session, Thus, it will have to be postponed to June 20th, as the party is the 19th.

But, in the meantime I shall get this little bugger ready for the table - as you can see, removing the old base has resulted in some of the paint chipping off the feet, so I shall probably have to experiment a bit to find the colours I used (unless I have actually recorded them somewhere in these pages).

I did not use artificial light for the photo, that, combined with 'indoor' setting ogf the camrea is the reason for the pale colours - I shall try taking this kind of pics with another setting.

Well, all for now - as I am writing this, the sand is drying on the base, and should be ready for painting tomorrow!

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