Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Old Citadel Ethereals

I am going to pop open this old blister in a few days, to flesh out a unit of Guardians of Midnight for my GoB Lords of Undeath army.

Oh, the joys of rummaging through one's purchases of olden glory!

I am only going to use the 'guy' with the double-mace raised over his head, as I have already a primed version of the pointing one with the crown to use as leader, and I am going to use a muisisian from a Skeleton Command Group as the 6th and last member of the unit - and I already have 3 of these floating wights/wraiths/whatever painted up since ages (how very appropriate).

But, first I have to get two Skeleton Hordes finished that I have in the works (the first is close to being finished), and get my Necromancer painted up so he can join the ranks and - hopefully - give my army some needed staying power by conjuring up the support of our fallen enemies.

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