Thursday 25 June 2015

Argonor's Undead Horde is Growing in Numbers!

I have added a new leader and another 'normal' member to my Skeleton Warrior unit (the guys with axes are destined to become members of another warrior unit).

The standard bearer is absent because I need to highlight the banner, and varnish it because I have added a transfer to it.
I have also painted  a Skeleton Horde unit, for which I need to find a standard bearer and a musician - but until then they will have to do as is.

I have another Skeleton Horde in the works, and I expect to get most of the work done on it before we leave for Italy later this summer.

Below is a picture of both units in their current state of completion. Another Skeleton Horde, and a Necromancer, and I shall be able to field 36 points. After that I shall add more Warriors, and probably another Skeleton Horde, and for the Command and Support I am planning a unit of Guardians of Midnight.

My Blood Gorged/Vikings have not seen much progress, but I guess I shall try to get at least one unit done soon after our vacation (I am buying in on the new Osprey game Frostgrave BIG time with Ulolkish, and I think I am going to use some Dark Age warriors for at least one warband).

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