Thursday, 22 January 2015

Working on a DreadBall.

I got ready to prime the magnetized DreadBall-ball earlier this afternoon, using my vented spray paint box.

Looks like overkill to me...

After priming the ball, I left it almost an hour to get dry to the touch, and I was VERY frustrated to learn that:

1) The spray propellant (or the low temperature, or both) had dissolved/broken the adhesiveness of the LocTite Powerglue (I've never had this happening before), AND

2) that the primer had not yet completely dried and rubbed off on my index finger, leaving a finger print in the surface.

Current state.
You cannot see it in the pic, as it is in the upper right kvadrant, but I shall have to file or sand it down a bit to avoid the metal surface of the ball to look odd when finished.

the disastrous priming efforts.
I'll glue the blasted thing before leaving for work later, but this kind of set-backs are not doing anything good for my motivation....

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