Monday, 5 January 2015

SotHT: It's ALIIIVE...!!

There is a new challenge at the LAF at the moment: Revive a long abandoned project and - hopefully
- finish it within a duration of 6 months.

I chose to re-animate a Pulp project I originally intended for .45 Adventure, but now consider applying the Pulp Alley rules to:

The Secrets of the Hidden Temple

The scenario was almost ready to go, when some real life turmoil redirected my attention away from the hobby for a while: I really only needed to  construct the stairs leading down to the dungeon-like sub-terranean temple, so this task is an obvious goal for the challenge.

Back then, I painted 5 or 6 factions to take part in the scenario, and I based everything on round slottas, meaning that I have a lot of minis with integral bases based that way; thus, another goal is to re-base all the minis with integtal bases onto steel washers - and add iron to the rest.

First step will be to rebase the Turkish faction, and here I present Hasan Köse, international man of mystery, spy, dealer in carpets, exquisite antiquities, weapons, opium, informations, and murder, etc., etc., and his  not-too-bright bodyguards.

Rebasing has begun, and I shall track further progress in these pages.

WIP, Stage 1


  1. Nice looking minis, love their faces!

  2. Thanks!
    I have fond memories of painting especially Hasan Köse (Pulp Figures). I may have to find a few more Turks with fezzes, as Pulp Alley leagues usually consist of a few more than 4 (as far as I recall)...

  3. Superb stuff. Absolutely lovely minis and a cracking paint-job to boot. keep'em coming, Argonor.

    1. Thanks, again! I have about 3 (4?) other groups that need rebasing, painted for the same project years ago, so I hope I can honour your expectations. I'm in the market for a few more fez-wearing suits that might fit with these, btw., so let me know if you come by some! ;o)