Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Cutting the Wood!

I was able to commandeer this monstrosity in order to get some of my cheap firewood cut to useable lengths, so no big investment this time.

Only catch was that I had to fetch and bring myself, and assemble the gizmo, as it is quite new, and has been sitting in its box in the shed of one of my soon-to-be gaming pals (he has been in the process of getting married, siring a son, and moving the last many months).

I wanted to take a pic of the pile of wood I cut already, but the camera batteries died just after this picture was taken, and I really did not want to go out in the wet snowfall once more after replacing them, just to take a picture of a pile of firewood. Call me lazy, but that was just not going to happen then.

I think, today I went through just about 1/4 of the wood I need to cut; it should not take too long to get the rest done - except for that we are going to visit my in-laws this weekend to help them tidy up their garden after the storm/gale that hit Denmark last weekend (some dead trees and bushes need to get cut up, for which I am bringing my chainsaw, and my trailer to bring home some of the wood), which means a pause from the domestic chores.

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