Monday, 5 January 2015

Lead Adventure Forum Painting Clubs - an Explanation.

I have been ranting about this and that LAF Painting Club most of 2014; so, what's it all about?

The series of Painting Clubs started with the Ancients Painting Club in May 2013, and although I was late to the party, just coming out of a real life pressure hobby stupor, it spurred me on to paint again, so I'm quite happy with the concept

Most of the clubs are a joint venture to present a set number of newly painted miniatures (for instance: 99, 100, 200) on a period or genre specific sub-board.
Then - all in good spirits - if you manage to paint and submit one or more minis of the sort in question, before the Painting Club slots are all filled, you get the right to fly a badge in your forum signature.

For me, collecting those badges has become a sport in itself (and getting some minis moved forward in the painting queue that might otherwise get bypassed infinitely is a BIG bonus). and I haven't missed a single one after the APC!

The latest PC is a bit different, in that it doesn't require single minis to be painted, but a long abandoned project to be re-animated and finished. Never the less, I'm on board, as you can read in another post.

These are the badges I sported by the end of 2014:

These are the badges I earned in 2013:

From now on, I'll flash the appropriate badge when showing stuff I finished for a Painting Club - or, in the case of pledge badges, each time I post updates related to the pledge.

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