Monday, 24 June 2013

DreadBall: Forge Fathers Defeated Again...

Forge Fathers vs Veer-Myn

Rush 06: 0-3
Rush 09: 1-0
Rush 12: 0-3
Rush 14: 0-7

I just can't win with the stunties. They came very close to scoring the equalizer in Rush 13, but missed, and the Veer-Myn quickly grabbed the ball and effortlessly scored the Landslide 4-pointer.

It's a bit annoying, really. I may have to rely on FF players to get Advancements, before they get good enough... sadly they can't get a better Movement, which is their biggest disadvantage (apart from their 5+ Speed for Dodge, Evade, and Dash).

I'm not very fond of the Veer-Myn; normally, they won't score as easily as they did in this Match, as their 5+ Skill must normally cost them a lot of missed Pick-Ups and Throws (my Dice-rolling was above average for them), and although they Dodge well, having only 2 Guards and no Jacks, the team seems a bit flimsy, should somebody decide to focus on really hurting them, one at a time.

Well, I'll clean up a Human Sriker, then play a re-match... at some point the FF must get just the tiny bit of luck they need to bag a win... I hope...

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