Saturday, 22 June 2013

DreadBall: Forge Fathers vs Marauders Test 1.

Rush 13: 4-0
Rush 14: 0-0
SD Rush 01: 4-0

1 FF Jack killed
1 Orx Guard killed

Tactics worked quite well. This time the FF more or less ignored most possibilities to pick up the ball, instead focussing on denying the Marauders any free access to it. As the Marauders do best trying to hammer the opposition into submission, it was a fairly safe way of conduct.

The FF actually have a slight edge over the Marauders when it comes to sluggeing it out; with a Strength of 3+, they outmatch the 3 Orx by 5 or 6 to 3, and the Guards are all Steady and cannot be brought down for a Stomp Foul.

Both teams' Guards can most easily be injured by Slamming them in the back (Speed 5+), but this often requires the Sucker Punch Foul, and a couple of Orx Guards were sent off during the Match.

I think the 'Slam first, Strike later' tactic may work against Humans, too, but the Slamming must be concentrated on the Human Strikers to remove them from the Pitch for as soon and as long as possible.

I have decided to clean up the mold-lines on at least one model between each game from now on, as I'm getting more and more eager to see how a team will develop when counting experience and advances.

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