Saturday 22 June 2013

DreadBall: Forge Fathers vs Marauders Test 2 (Visitors).

Rush 02: Goblin and Orx Killed
Rush 04: Goblin Killed
Rush 07: Forge Father Jack Killed
Rush 07: 3-0
Rush 09: 6-0
Rush 14: Goblin Killed
Rush 14: 2-0

I made a terible mistake by letting an FF Jack be positioned on the first of the FF Launch hexes - facing the entry point of the ball. This mistake probably cost the FF the Victory, as it allowed a Goblin Jack to score 2 consecutive 3-pointers - and nearly a 3rd one!

Never, NEVER place a Jack in a way that he is forced to try to catch a launched ball - if you have no Coaching Dice, he will have no chance of catching, as it is cinsidered an Inaccurate Pass, automatically forfeiting the Rush.

Four Marauders killed, Man of the Match Award, and 1 Revenue Dice, as opposed to one killed Jack. Not an outstanding result, but bearable.

I started with 3 Guards and 3 Jacks on the Pitch, and concentrated on injuring the Marauders, and had I not missed Rushes 08 and 10 due to the unfortunate Jack, I think the FF would have carried the day. Well - one of those mistakes it's better to make in test games than with a Team you're trying to develop....

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