Sunday, 16 June 2013

DreadBall: Back on the Pitch!

Played two games of DreadBall today, both down to basics without cards, ref, and fouls.

1st game was Basic Humans vs Marauders - my friend Ulrik played the greenskins (being a Blood Bowl vet, and this being his very first game of DB, he had a bit of difficulty adjusting to the differences between BB and DB), and as my 7 years old daughter rolled all my dice and never managed not to roll a lot of roll-ups, especially on Armour Checks, the humans won by a landslide in Rush 11.

2nd game I played solo, Forge Fathers vs Marauders. As expected, this was a very close, and very hard fought, match. Most of the game the FF held on to the ball and defended it stubbornly, and they managed to score a 2-pointer about mid-game. In the very last Rush, a single Gobbo tried sprinting 13 hexes to come in position for a 2-pt scoring attempt, but he missed his 3rd Dash, and ended the game flat on the floor.

This was the first time I tried another team than the Humans and Marauders, and I really liked the feel of the Forge Fathers - they'll probably be the 2nd team I paint up.... I consider a name like 'Fyrkat Berserkers', and painting them in Danish national colours (red and white).

I'll have to try a couple of solo games with the full rules, soon, as I think I have most of the basics memorized by now.

Tomorrow I'll see if I can get another Jack cleaned up; that'll mean I'm half way through the BioCorp Buccaneers, as I intend to name them.

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