Monday, 17 June 2013

DreadBall: Blood on the Pitch!

Played a quite spectacular solo game today, my first using the full rules for Season 1.

Again, the Forge Fathers faced off against the Marauders - and they will be bearing grudges for quite some time!

Two FF (Jack and Striker) were killed in Rush 04, and a Guard joined his Ancestors in Rush 06, leaving the bearded ones only 5 players for the rest of the game.

From that point the game developed into a slug-fest, with both teams only making a few unsuccesful chance Strike-attempts, and most of the time more players in the Sin Bin than on the Pitch.

Last couple of Rushes, both teams completely ignored the Ball, and with the very last Action of Rush 14, an Orx Guard injured the last FF Jack, leaving only a single FF Guard on the Pitch for the overtime - immediately ending the game in favour of the greenskins.

The use of Cards, the Ref, and Fouls, adds, if not a new dimension, some more facets to the game, without slowing the pace in a noteworthy way - which is remarkable, as most games I've played usually slow down a lot, as layers are added.

DreadBall is probably going to be my number 1 favourite game for quick, light-hearted fun with a fellow gamer, be he/she of the board-gaming or war-gaming kind.

The downside to this new experience: I did not get any players cleaned up for undercoating today - but as the game plays brilliantly with basic teams without advancements and income, it's not that bad, only a delay before I can start developing my 'own' 'custom' team.

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