Monday, 1 July 2013

Been quiet for a while...

Real life got in the way the past week, but I introduced my two girls to Risk this weekend, and while not strictly speaking a war game, it's stil a game of war and conquest, so I'll let the 3 games we played while being home alone (my wife was away for a 'high school' (US-English) re-union) Friday and Saturday count towards my 'played' total.

Plans for today are to get the first DreadBall Striker cleaned up, and get all the previously done players glued onto 24 mm washers (they fit snugly inside the hexes on the pitch).

It's a funny thing with the washers; here in DK it's completely impossible to buy 25 mm and 20 mm washers, and I can get all sorts of other sizes (16, 18, 22 (I think), 24, and 30 mm + larger sizes), so I have decided to start using 24 mm instead of 25 mm, and 18 mm instead of 20 mm for zombies - the difference should not be too visible. As for 22 mm, if they are availble, which I think I've seen, I'll use those for minis where 25 mm seems too large, and 18 mm too small. My final plunge away from the standards set by slottas, but, well, it's just too expensive to import large quantities of metal washers by post.

Hopefully, I'll get another game of Forge Fathers vs Veer-myn done tomorrow or Wednesday...

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