Friday, 14 June 2013

DreadBall: Boot Camp Prolongued.

I have both the Guards ready for glueing onto washers, but didn't do anything yesterday, because I simply couldn't bring myself to do that tedious task. Opted to watch 'The Reef' with the kids instead.

We are having the girls from my eldest daughter's school class for a delayed celebration of her 10 years birthday tomorrow, and as the forecast does not leave much hope for outdoor activities, I'll have to put the hobby stuff aside today to tidy up the living room.

Sunday afternoon, my (formerly) regular gaming pal is coming to visit, partly because of the recent birthday, and I hope that we can squeeze in a basic rules game of DreadBall. Sunday morning is reserved for searching for a new (used) car, as the Family dropship is due for inspection and will most likely fail miserably without expensive repairs/maintenance.

Monday, I hope to get back on track and get one or two Jacks cleaned and assembled. Until then, no further Progress is to be expected.

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