Friday, 21 June 2013

DreadBall: Forge Fathers vs Humans Test 2.

With a 7-0, Landslide one action short of the end of the Match, the humans just washed my tactics theory Down the drains. Or perhaps I have to play more games to find some valid statistics...

The opponents can set up for the initial Rush the same way, thus making it difficult for the FF to secure the ball. I think I made a technical mistake, trying to let the FF Striker Evade with the ball; 3 dice with a target of 5+ is simply too risky - I should have Slammed my way around the ball, making the gauntlet before the Striker moved in.

Yet, the FF might have scored an equalizing 4-pointer, had it not been for 'Blood on the Pitch', which caused the heroic Striker to miss a Dash, that would have put him in position for a Strike attempt on his next action.

Both teams suffered a killed Jack, but the FFwould not earn any Revenue from this Match, which makes it a total loss.

It is of the utmost importance to avoid Landslides against you, if you are not an Underdog by at least 10 mc!

So many things to consider, that influences the decisions on the Pitch! Managing a DreadBall Team will prove itself quite rewarding, though, if the Dice Gods don't conspire to foil your attempts to aquire greatness!

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