Wednesday, 19 June 2013

DreadBall: Another Landslide!

Played Humans vs Forge Fathers last night, and the FF never really played much of a role. They tried taking out the 3 starting Human Strikers, but failed, and the humans scored 3 pts. in Rush 01, 1 pt. in Rush 03, and 4 pts. in Rush 05, bringing the match to an end.

No fatalities, and only a single FF Guard (!)  suffered a single 2 pts. injury.

I did roll unusually well on armour checks, but the Humans did not roll much better than average on their ball-handling, and even then, the Strikers did extremely well. A Human (29ers) team seems to be able to perform well against several types of opponent, but I still have to see them in action against fast, high-skilled teams.

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