Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Potato Time...Sort of...

I have been a bit concerned about my potato harvest, as when the last time we had heavy rains, the potato plants were beaten down before they had had time to blossom.

When I dug up a few plants about 3 weeks ago, the yield was appallingly small, and I now feared that the tubers have not been able to get sufficient energy to grow.

As you can see to the right, the potato bed looks like a war zone (all the upright plants are mugworts, that have taken advantage of the potato plants not shadowing the area any more.

I dug up eight (8) plants, and the meager result can be seen below. The container is an old plastic paint bucket, slightly wider than your average household bucket, but still... I might be able to squeeze two meals out of these, but most likely they will be enough for only one meal, plus some lunch sandwiches (Danish style, black bread with cold cuts).

I need to get some 'King Edward' and/or 'Desirée' potatos for planting next year, as the 'Princess' sort does not seem suited for the rich soil in our garden.


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    1. Yeah, well, I really hope they grow a bit during our vacation, so we can come home to not needing half an hour's work to harvest enough for supper.