Monday, 4 July 2016

Merchants & Marauders: First Game in Progress

Lea got up early this morning (when she heard me rummaging in the bathroom), and she still has an age where she wants company (Anna has turned on full teenager mode and reads books in the seclude of her room), so I decided to skip most of my plans for today, and get out Merchants & Marauders.

I had hoped to lure Anna into participating, but when I finally managed to pull her out of her sleep (about 10.30 a.m.), she promptly disappeared into a book.

Lea and I played most of the day, and we still have not used all the rules, as the game is somewhat complex (not least because everything is in English, and Lea is not yet quite sufficiently versed in that) - but we traded a lot, and I only started raiding merchants after claiming a mission that required me to do so.

We have not finished the game, yet, and we shall not do so until tomorrow, as I had to take advantage of the sunny dry weather this afternoon to get the front lawn mowed (it has been raining a LOT, lately, and a trimming was long overdue).

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