Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Ancient Elves for Blood Eagle Sídhe

A couple of weeks ago, I got these for peanuts, and after some days in the ultrasonic cleaner (soaked in white spirit), almost all traces of paint has been removed.

Five of them are designated Wardancers, long OOP, and perfect for starting up a Sídhe warband for Blood Eagle.

I already have another copy of the guy with the big sword, another ancient Jes Goodwin sculpt, which is now listed as a Wardancer, too, but was in a blister labeled Wood Elf Warriors back when I bought him.

The first two in the top row are Scouts from a later edition of Warhamster, but I think the last one is also an ancient Jes Goodwin sculpt (the mail gives him away).

I shall go over these and remove any mold lines revealed by the paint-stripping, before I start fleshing out their profiles.

I have a few more - and an old Warhammer 40.000 Eldar Avatar - incoming. I intend to use the Avatar as a deity for OGAM, and then build up a warband of Elves around it, based on the Blood Eagle Sídhe - but that is currently a long-term project, as I have to get my Vikings done, and then paint up some Dark Ages civilians.

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