Tuesday, 5 July 2016

BoardGame: Columbus

One of the second-hand games that arrived today is Columbus - a game about finding your way to the New World and be the first to get back to the Old World with the news.

Basically, it is about constructing a passable track, placing sea tiles that can be navigated, all the while trying to block the path of the other players by placing hazards and/or removing parts of their track.

This is a in-progress photo of our first game - both Lea, Anna, and I played, and Anna snatched victory right under the nose of both Lea and me.

We played another game, and although I managed to reach North America before both the girls, Anna made better use of the map features (some of the tiles allow you to move faster than normal, when starting your turn there), and, again, emerged victorious,

We all enjoyed the game, but I think it is best suited for 4-6 players, as more tiles will be placed in between every player's turns, thus opening up the map at a higher pace - and enabling more obstruction on the leading player.

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