Friday 15 July 2016

High Elf Captain

Another one of my recently purchased secondhand minis, a High Elf Command Hero/Champion, who is going to be put in charge of my old mono-pose spearmen (and probably going to lead a Blood Eagle High Elf warband before then.

He has been through the paint-stripping process, although he did not sport much paint when I got him; I just wanted to get him completely clean before cleaning up mold-lines (which the model has in abundance).

Sadly, I shall not have time to start work on any High Elves within overseeable time, as I am still struggling with my Vikings, and am determined to finish them and get some Dark Ages civilians ready for the table, too, before shifting my focus elsewhere!

I also have to find a place to buy Instant Mold without paying exorbitant postage and/or customs charges, as I shall have to make a shield to go with this mini (and probably more, with all the second-hand stuff I am buying these days)

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