Monday, 4 July 2016

Åcon: Dragon Rampant Game

I brought my Lizardmen and High Elf warbands for Dragon Rampant, and I played my first game ever against Spicker, who also had not played the game before.

I played the reptiles, while Spicker assumed the role as Prince Arodon. The light was not the best for photos, but as that is often the case at events, my esteemed readers are probably used to that...

We did not use any scenarios, just put the warbands on the table and got stuck in, in order to learn the rules.

The forces deployed for battle.

The Lizardmen moved steadily forward in cold blood. 

Most of the High Elves also advanced
(leaving Prince Arodon behind - his Griffon did not seem to care much for fighting)

The battle-lines close

The Illyrian Reavers, and the Lothern Sea Guards, picked off some Saurians on my right flank.

The Saurians and the Reavers clash just after this picture was taken 

Both units suffer casualties, and the Sea Guards keep shooting at the Saurians

The Temple Guards charge in and finish the Reavers

Meanwhile, my left flank closed in on the Ulthuans.

The Swordmasters charge into the Temple Guards led by Tzaxl himself...

...and are repelled, but at a high cost:
My leader is battered, and his unit at almost half strength!

The Saurians charge in to revenge their fallen comrades.

The Swordmasters are beaten back and battered.

The last Saurus Warriors on the right flank flee under arrow fire,
and the Temple Guards start moving towards the centre.

Prince Arodon makes a Wild Charge at Tlaxl's temple Guards.

A bloody fight breaks out

I tried to surround the remaining Swordmasters

While Arodon finishes off Tlaxl (ouch!),
the remaining Temple Guards try outflanking the Sea Guards.
The Skinks form Wall of Spears, and lure the Swordmasters into a Wild Charge
which results in their untimely demise.

But, alas, as my last unit of Saurus Warriors surged forward, they were sent fleeing by
the arrows of the Sea Guards, and with my Leader down,
and effectivly only the last Temple Guards posing a real threat,
I decided to throw in the towel, ceding the field to prince Arodon.

It felt like a closely fought battle, and the rules certainly flow well. I have some reservations about the 'sudden death' possibilty every time a unit has to check for courage, though. Especially a 12-man unit at almost full strength running away feels a bit harsh.

I shall definitely play again, trying out some of the scenarios in the book, but I do not think that Dragon Rampant will ever become my fantasy game of choice; it just has a bit too much randomness for my taste (both Activation Rolls, and the aforementioned Courage Tests), but as a quick pick-up game it works quite nicely.

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