Thursday, 20 February 2014

Happy Birthday to Me...

This cake, as decorated by my eldest daughter, tells its own tale of ageing...

Fortunately, I have plenty of homebrewed mead to make the day bearable ;o)

My daughters also baked chocolate muffins for coffee, so we had plenty of stuff to eat when I returned from 8 hours of work.

My youngest daughter had sewn me a felt spectacle case for my reading (or painting) glasses, while the eldest had bought me another assortment box for my X-Wing and Attack Wing stuff.

My wife gave me 3 t-shirts, and this assortment of SAGA minis.
  • Brodir of Man
  • Ragnar Lothbrok
  • Maredudd ab Owain (shouldn't that be 'ap'??)
  • Harald Hardrada
  • Hereward the Wake
  • Alfred the Great
  • Anglo-Danish Huscarls (axes)
My in-laws gave me this, to store these

When it has been assembled like this:

This coming weekend I'll be brewing the second half of my 2nd batch of mead, and visiting an exhibition at Nyborg Castle showing one of the world's largest private collections of LotR Trilogy movie paraphernalia with the kids, so I won't have much time for assembly, but there'll be other occations for that!

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