Wednesday, 19 February 2014

2014-02-19, Lovecraftian Painting Circle: Giant Vermin.

Got this little blighter finished today.

Pic seems a little over-exposed (or just taken with too much light, which I don't understand, as I used my usual setup).

The mini is a Warhammer Quest plastic rat.

I realized after painting it, that the snout should have been all pinkish, and not black, I may correct it alongside painting the next one, which I hope to finish by the weekend.

When the second rat is done, I only have to paint 2 degenerates, and I'll have the Cult de Ghouls I've planned for Von unaussprechlichen Kulten. I then still have to put a little more paint on the Cult Leader for the Dagonites (Pulp Figures Crimson Scorpion) that got stalled some time ago.

I expected to finish my Death Cult second, but the LPC is still running, and it was a great oportunity to get some monsters painted up.

Primer: Black


  1. OC Graveyard Earth + Black
  2. OC Gracveyard Earth
  3. OC Graveyard Earth + OC Bleached Bone


  1. OC Tanned Flesh
  2. OC Tanned Flesh + OC Pallid Flesh
  3. OC Pallid Flesh

Eyes and Teeth

  • WZ Legionaire Flesh

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