Sunday, 16 February 2014

2014-02-16, Lovecraftian Painting Circle: Ghoul King.

This guy took up all my hobby time for the last 11 days, so I'll just  let the pics talk for themselves for now.

This mini is a large guy on a 40mm base, so he counts as 2 finished minis for my tally. Only fair, methinks - I even put a little something on his base for decoration, which I'm not in a habit of doing...

Primer: Black


  1. F Moss Shade
  2. F Moss Shade + F Moss
  3. F Moss
  4. F Moss + F Moss Light

Exposed Entrails

  1. V Black Red
  2. C Khorne Red


  1. C Ushabti Bone + White
  2. OC Devlan Mud wash
  3. Light drybrush C Ushabti Bone + White

Exposed Muscle + Spine

  1. V Black Red + C Khorne Red
  2. OC Tanned Flesh
  3. OC Tanned Flesh + OC Pallid Flesh
  4. OC Pallid Flesh + White
  5. White


  1. V Black Red
  2. C Khorne Red
  3. C Mephiston Red

Meat Cleaver and Chained Hook

  1. OC Tin Bitz
  2. Drybrush VOC Boltgun Metal
  3. Light drybrush VOC Chainmail

Nails and Teeth

  1. Dark Grey
  2. Medium Grey
  3. Light Grey.

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