Thursday, 6 February 2014

2014-02-06, Lovecraftian Painting Circle: Fishman/DeepOne

Finished this guy for the LPC:

Colours didn't come out quite as I thought they would,  but I almost used up the base colour for lighter mixes, so I have ordered a couple of pots more, so I can have more shades...

Skin was painted with a base coat of CdA Green Grey, then built up with more and more white mixed in. My skin painting skills are a bit rusty, it seems...

Fin and scales are VGC ShadowGrey, layers also with white mixed in. It's not as blueish as I thought it would be - the next one will see the use of CdA Shadow Grey, as I hope it has more blue in it.

Eyes were painted OC Tausept Ochre, OC Sunburst Yellow, white with a tiny bit of Sunburst Yellow, then a tiny bit of white. They look more yellow in the pic than IRL.

Inside of lips and gills (not seen in this pic) are F Nipple Pink/Nipple Pink Light

Trident shaft is OC Graveyard Earth mixed with black, then 'grained' (which can't be seen in the pic, as the contrast between base coat and grain is not sufficient) with Graveyard Earth.

Trident fork is a cvery dark, almost black, grey, hightlighted with a slightly less dark grey and finally with a medium grey.

Claws and teeth are medium to light greys.

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