Friday, 7 February 2014

2014-02-07, Lovecraftian Painting Circle: Ghoul.

Finished this today (it had been sitting around primed for several years), for the LPC at the LAF.


  • Black


  1. F Moss Shade
  2. F Moss Shade + F Moss
  3. F Moss
  4. F Moss + F Moss Light
  5. F Moss Light
  6. F Moss Light + White

Loin cloth:

  1. OC Graveyard Earth + OC Bronzed Flesh
  2. OC Graveyard Earth + more OC Bronzed Flesh
  3. OC Graveyard Earth + even more OC Bronzed Flesh

Eyes and teeth

  • WZ Legionnaire Flesh.

I have begun painting the Malifaux Killjoy figure to use as a Ghoul King, also using Foundry Moss, but keeping him in the darker shades, and thus my Cult de Ghouls for VuK will soon be ready to square off against a Dagonite Cult.

Can't wait to try this spin-off of Strange Aeons (and the ghouls will be very useful against Treshold, too!!)

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