Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Alien Lookalikes: East Riding Miniatures.

I recently remembered having seen some not-aliens (of the 8th kind), and had to ask around at the LAF to track them down.

They are not spitting images, but they are close enough to represent sub-species and be used along Leading Edge's OOP licensed ones, the OOP Horrorclix Aliens, and/or the upcoming licensed AvP minis from Prodos.

When I have gotten my PSZ project off the prepping table, and a few handfuls of modern zeds done, too, I may go back and get my two boxes of Horrorclix Aliens (and the queen) ready for some bughunt gaming - I'll probably be assembling my Kickstarter Battle Systems Sci-Fi Modular Terrain at about that time, too, which should be just purr-fect for that kind of gaming), and I could easily see myself using some of those ERM aliens for this purpose:


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