Friday, 21 February 2014

Another Giant Vermin.

I finished painting this little critter (actually the size of a St. Bernard). I didn't want to post it in the LPC, as it would be the second in a row, but as I need it for my Cult de Ghouls for VuK, I had to get it done while I still had the Secret Fire running in my veins.

As you can see, I painted a more realistic snout on this one (and I actually also redid the snout on the first one to match).

Primer: Black


  1. VOC Shadow Grey + Black, 1/3 or so
  2. VOC Shadow Grey + Black
  3. VOC Shadow Grey + Black, 3/1 or so.


  1. OC Tanned Flesh + OC Pallid Flesh
  2. OC Tanned Flesh + OC Pallid Flesh, 1/2
  3. OC Pallid Flesh

Eyes and Teeth

  • WZ Legionaire Flesh

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