Saturday, 20 July 2013

Pike & Shot and Zombies plus SuperSystem

It's still too darn hot to fiddle with small bits o'lead and plastic, but I have been digging out some of the rulesets I bought a couple of years ago - SuperSystem 3rd Ed. and - as the headline says - Pike & Shot and Zombies.

I am determined to get a game of SuperSystem organized, as I have already painted to factions of minis and generated their profiles (for 2nd Ed., so I have to work them over to check the points
values), and to get some Mantic Zeds for PSZ, which I intend to play as 'Warhammer Apocalypse Z' with the option of playing survivors of the various races from that setting (which should make it easier to recruit players).

I already have begun making racial adjustments to the survivor generation charts, and I now have to get me some Zeds... the upside is that it will at the same time put me back on tracks with the Dead Walk Again 'Zombiecalypse Now' project, as the Mantic shamblers are sufficiently generic for using in a modern setting, too.

My goal is to stage the first game before Oct. 1st, and maybe bring the game to Horisont in Esbjerg (if it occurs, and I don't have to work that weekend).

The painting method will be block out skin and shroud, wash with Devlan Mud or the likes, drybrush original colours, pick out visible intestines, eyes, teeth, nails/claws, and maybe add some blood splatter.

I hope to be able to finish 10 zombies in a single paint session this way, but I'm out of practise, so I'll just have to see about that. My gaming pal Ulrik has painting sessions at his appartment every other Saturday, and I may pack up the minis, brushes, and paints to go there a couple of times to get some Work done without the distractions of Family life. And maybe get some of the other guys there interested in a game or two....

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