Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Experiments with the Light Box.

I took a few shots of my WIP  Corporation DredBall team today, using my newly constructed light box:

Light from the top only

Light from the right only

These are not as sharp as I wanted, but I probably should not use the macro setting from this far away. But the white paper screens seem to block out the usual yellowish sheen, which is a BIG Progress.

I need to try setting lights from more than one direction, trying different settings on the camera, etc., and I may have to use slightly thicker paper for the screens.

Next on the to-do list is also managing the background; I may have to invst in some A3 sized (or larger) sheets of thin cardboard/thick paper to place behind the objects I want to photograph.

Next step on the minis, btw., is to use a small spatula with some filler to smooth out the filled parts of the bases, before I finish them by filing the filler into the desired shape.

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