Saturday, 6 July 2013

Forge Fathers S*ck...

Well, not really, I just have no luck with the dice when playing them.

Veer-myn vs Forge Fathers, 2nd test match:

Rush 02: Veer-myn Striker killed
Rush 02: FF Jack scores: 0-1
Rush 03: 2-0
Rush 06: FF Jack scores: 0-2
Rush 08: FF sneaks Striker onto pitch: Jack is penalized for 2 rushes
Rush 09: Veer-myn Guard sent off for Sucker Punch
Rush 11: 1-0
Rush 12: Ball launch hits Veer-myn Guard and scatters to FF Jack!! Rush lost!!
Rush 13: 3-0
Rush 14: FF tries a bold throwing game, but one pass is inaccurate and ends the match.

I am definitely going to paint up a Forge Father team. I am definitely NOT going to play more games with the FF before I can make every match count towards team development.

I have underestimated the FF Jacks ability to handle the ball; compared with their ability to Slam Back with Strength 3+, they stand their ground better than the average human Jack, while being just as good at handling the Ball. A throwing play with a Striker and a couple of Jacks is a doable tactic, and likely to result in a lot of 1 or 2 point Strikes, while the Guards grind the opposition to a pulp.

But I need those advances to make every play count before the FF are likely to start winning some matches.

I the meantime, summer has finally hit the shores of Denmark, and outdoor life is going to take up much of my time, as the garden, the kids, and the upcoming vacation have to be taken care of.

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