Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Star Wars Legion: Second Intro-Game

The Initial Set-up
Monday afternoon, Michael came down from Glamsbjerg to visit me and inspect my 3D-printer, and I had set up for a game of Legion, of course with my newly printed Imperial Outpost on the table.

The experience from my first game with Ulolkish told me that cover is of the utmost importance in Legion, so I threw the extra printed barricade on the table as well. I need to print some more scatter terrain, but right now my printer is busy printing dungeon corridors, so that will have to wait until tomorrow, or so...

I had assembled another squad of Stormtroopers for Vader to motivate, and I used some Fringe Walker as AT-RT proxy for the rebs.

Michael donned the black mask, and started breathing heavily, while I meditated to clear my mind of all aggression.

Everybody decided that caution is the better part of valour, and the first turn saw lots of ducking and weaving, and diving for cover.

I managed to maneuver the AT-RT into a position, from which I am not sure if it was able to advance (I have to study those vehicle rules)... of course I backed it off a bit (haven't checked if that is possible, either, but...).

Vader advanced, waving his lightsaber in front of him.

I forgot to take a photo after the third turn, but the most interesting thing that happened was the Stormtrooper section emerging from the bunker and coming towards the rebels on my right flank.

The Stormtroopers charged home, while my AT-RT picked on the section defending the outpost.

The Stormtroopers annihilated the Rebel section (I have to read up on the rules for close combat, too), and then Luke charged them and cut down two, while the walker joined the fight.

As soon as Luke left the Rebel section on the left, Vader ordered all-out attack, and led the charge from behind... (he is rather slow, you know)

With Luke occupied elsewhere, Vader's relentless attack secured the day for the Empire, as the Rebles only managed to obliterate one enemy unit.

This game was a bit more tactical than the first one, and we both enjoyed it.

I had some terrible Dodge Rolls, while Michael succeeded with a lot of his, so with a little luck I might have secured a draw, as the game really hang in the balance until the very last moment.

Vader is a beast, and I am really looking forward to playing some games with the full rules (and Force Power Upgrades), as I think it will only cause more cinematic moments!

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