Sunday, 27 April 2014

Flintloque - 1st. Ed.

About 1½ week ago I stumbled on my ages-old boxed set of Flintloque, and I decided that it's about time I get some of that lead painted for a few games.
I am currently working the following sequence in a loop on my prepping desk: Flintlogue-mini, Plastic man-at-arms (AHQ), Mantic zombe.

We have very nice weather around here at the moment, so the garden is taking a lot of my time, and I have not been able to get the modern zombie batch on my pain(t) station ready, yet, but I really hope to get them done soonish.

I am yet to receive the stuff from 3 orders I made a couple of weeks ago(!), stuff for Chivalry, and War Rocket, and I find it hard to keep the steam up when I have to wait for so long for something.

Thus, after seeing some pics of a really nice Lord of the Rings: Strategy Battle Game scenario, I dug out my Mines of Moria set, and decided to start getting boards and minis ready for the scenarios therein.

I already have the terrain pieces assembled and primed, and a Cave Troll, and more than a dozen Moria Goblins painted up, so it's just a question of painting the plastic Fellowship from the box, painting the terrain, and making 2 small boards (30cm x 40cm), that I cut up this evening.

Tomorrow I'll glue sand onto the boards, and maybe seal them, too, and as soon as I have assembled Mantic zombie #30, Fellowship minis will take their place in the loop.

The only thing to slow me down will be the garden, and, if my War Rocket and Crossed Lances stuff arrives.

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