Sunday, 27 April 2014

LotR: Mines of Moria

Well, as stated in my previous post, I have decided to revisit LotR:SBG, for which I have numerous painted Battle Companies.

This time around, I'll focus on the Fellowship, and get minis ready for one scenario at a time.

I'll start with the simple ones from the boxed set The Mines of Moria, and as I have already several years ago painted the Cave Troll, and more than a dozen Moria Goblins, I shall have to start by cleaning and assembling the plastic Fellowship models from the box.

Earlier today I started making the 2 small boards required for the scenarios in the book to the left, cutting out chipboard in the required size, and I plan to glue sand onto them tomorrow morning (after serving pancakes for breakfast to get in the right Hobbit-mood).

The plastic terrain pieces from the box I also assembled and primed several years ago, so they just have to be painted - which in this case means successive drybrushes with a large brush.

It's a shame that the first scenario requires the full Fellowship - would have been nice to be able to paint a few minis, then game, then paint another few, but that's not the way it should be...


  1. Best of luck with this project, I'll enjoy watching :-)

    1. Thanks - the core project may see very slow progress, as I have some other stuff brewing, but my GoB project should see some of the characters from the Fellowship painted to use for both purposes, and as soon as they are finished, I'll have even more reason to get the rest done!