Saturday 12 April 2014

Too Much Silence

Well. Not because I'm not actually doing anything (I have almost finished the first 2 models of my semi-comission), and I ordered War Rocket (Hydra Miniatures) through Wargames Emporium just the other day - along with 3 Class I Galacteer ships, and 3 Class I Zenithian ships, which I intend to use as Robot Legion vessels.

I have been wanting to do some Retro Sci-Fi for a long time, and a very nice entry of Valkeeri in the Lead Painters' League at the LAF finally spurred me into getting the rules and a few ships to get started. I intend to paint Buster Gordy and some Galacteers, plus their Robot Legion adversaries, so I can link up between space combat and planetside action, using Fantastic Worlds for the latter. That's the plan, anyway - let's see how well I execute it...

Real life does not permit me any gaming time at the moment, but I hope to get a few games going, either during Easter, or week 19 (vacation), or even both; it all depends on the availabiluity of my gaming buddy.

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