Monday, 30 December 2013

Cult Leader

Abouty a week before Christmas I began painting Bob Murch's 'Crimson Scorpion' from the Pulp Figures line, as I intend to use him as a cult leader for my purple Evil Hooded Minions

Primer: Black

  1. VOC Worm Purple
  2. VOC Worm Purple + White, 2:1
  3. VOC Worm Purple + White, 1:1
  4. VOC Worm Purple + White, 1:2
I haven't added the 4th layer, yet, as I haven't had the time to sit down and concentrate on painting ever since the whole family started our Christmas vacation, but I hope to get stuck back in around next weekend, when I, hopefully, have finished the garage attic floor.

I have no idea what colour to use on the 'armour' (or whatever it's supposed to be), but i think I'll paint the sash jade green, and the ball-and-chain will just be painted with greys, I think...

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