Sunday, 29 December 2013

Attic Attack on the Horizon

It's been a while since my last update, but as usual it does not mean that I haven't done anything.

I have been working on the floor of the garage attic for the past 3 days. Progress is a wee bit slow, because I have to move stuff around to free the floor space that I'm covering in 15 mm plywood boards to make the room safe for use.
Yesterday evening, the result looked like this; most of the right side had been covered almost 2 years ago, but the left side, and the narrow row in the middle, I have been cutting and fitting (the roof construction comes up through the floor near the sides) during the first day and a half.

What you cannot see in this picture, is the brown table
still placed nearer the chimney - the middle row of boards has been
added to, it's just the angle of the photo that suggests otherwise.
Today I struggled a bit to get the next stage finished, and I realized that I didn't have enough 28 mm(!) planks to support the boards in the places where I removed a lot of old floor planks due to rot, so off to the DIY to get some of those (the dark brown planks in the two last pics), plus some hooks for the lamps I'm going to put up - and the trip wouldn't be complete without bringing home some chipboard for an extra space table, among other things...

As you may have noticed, I have started arranging stuff on a small scale, placing some shelf-cases, and a drawer where I want them for future use. I shall have to cover everything in tarpaulins when not in use, because a lot of dust gets in along the roof ridge (and also the occational rainstorm blows in some water), but I think that these about 80 sq.m. will do nicely for various gaming purposes.

I am also planning to get a new top on (and an iso-core into) the old chimney in the back, so I can install a firewood-stove for some comfort and cosyness.

The project is coming along nicely, albeit a bit slower than I expected when starting out. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish the floor before my vacation ends (I'll be back at work on January 6th), and maybe also get some more lamps put up.

I also hope to get everything organized in a usable manner, but now we have a couple of days with New Year's preparations, celebration, and the usual hangover to cope with, so I probably won't get much done until January 2nd, when wife and kids are back in the saddle, leaving me to my unspeakable deeds...

I started painting a Pulp Figure before Christmas, and I have some WIP pics to share, but they'll have to wait until tomorrow!


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