Sunday, 8 December 2013

Doc Holliday.

I finished this Artizan Designs mini earlier today as my first contribution to the Old West Painting Posse at the LAF.

I must say, I have rarely been so irritated when painting a mini; although he is nicely detailed, especially the trousers have some very bad mold lines, and the shotgun is a veritable nightmare, very badly cast. I have tried to mend the, somehow 'twisted', double-barrels, but I think I'll have to redo them at some point, probably sanding/filing them down to a point where I can stand looking at them.

I also think that I might switch back to using metallics and washes on weapons; I think I get better results that way, but I have to scrutinize the few (3) other old west minis I painted about 2 years ago, as I also used greys on their guns.

I'll take a group shot tomorrow, and do some musings about them.

The camera caught the light
on that sleeve :o(
Really annoying!
The colours used on this one:

Primer: Black

  1. Mix of OC Dark Flesh and OC Dwarven Flesh (actually a mistake to use that mix on this guy - makes him look too healthy; a mix with some grey or blue-grey would probably have been better)
  2. OC Dwarven Flesh
  3. Mix of DF and OC Elf Flesh
  4. OC Elf Flesh
  5. (Face only) OC Elf flesh + white 1:1

Hat and Jacket (+ Hair):
  1. Black primer/base coat
  2. OC Shadow Grey with black mixed in 1:2
  3. Same, with less black 1:1
  4. Same, with only a bit black 2:1
Duster and Hat Band (+ Tie and Boots and Barrels):
  1. Black primer/base coat
  2. OC Codex Grey with black mixed in 1:2
  3. Same, with less black 1:1
  4. Same, 2:1
  1. OC Shadow Grey with black mixed in 1:2
  2. OC Codex Grey with black mixed in 1:1
  3. Same, 2:1
  4. OC Shadow Grey + OC Fenris Grey; this is actually a bit too blueish, but it works, nevertheless, I think.
    I should be mixing highlights for this series using white, but considering the base paint (Shadow Grey) is no longer available...
  1. Vallejo Black Red
  2. VBR + GW Khorne Red
  3. C Khorne Red
  1. OC Scorched Brown (how I miss it!!!)
  2. OC Burnished Gold
  3. OC BG + OC Mithril Silver
  1. OC Mithril Silver
Shotgun Stock:
  • OC Scorched Brown
  • SB with bone
  • SB with more bone
That about sums him up, the base is my usual lazy solution. I think I should get me some grass tufts... somewhen... Would not hurt the eye.

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