Monday, 16 December 2013

Wild Bill Hickok

This seems to be my post #100. Yippie-kay-aye, M....!

I finished this guy from Artizan Designs Sunday evening, for the Old West Painting Posse at the LAF. Possibly also for some gaming...

Painting breakdown, from hat to shoes:

Primer: Black (Army Painter, I think...)

  • Base coat: A very dark mix of OC Codex Grey and Black (I honestly don't remember the ratio; the pot is from before I started recording my mixes)
  • Layer 2: A lighter shade of grey, equivalent of V 70995 German Grey
  • Highlight: OC Codex Grey with a little black
  • Base coat: OC Graveyard Earth + Black
  • Mid-tone: OC Graveyard Earth
  • Highlight: OC Graveyard Earth + OC Bleached Bone
  1. Mix of OC Bestial Brown and OC Dwarven Flesh  1:3
  2. Old GW Dwarven Flesh
  3. Mix of DF and old GW Elf Flesh
  4. Elf Flesh
  1. OC Dark Flesh
  2. WZ Legionnaire Flesh
  3. Black 0.1 permanent marker
  1. OC Codex grey with some white
  2. OC Codex Grey with more white
  3. Highlights: Pure white
  1. Black
  2. OC Codex Grey + black
  3. OC Codex Grey with less black
  1. OC Snakebite Leather
  2. F Buff Leather Shade
  3. F Buff Leather
  4. F Buff Leather + F Buff Leather Light
  5. F Buff Leather Light

  1. OC Bestial Brown + OC Scorched Brown
  2. OC Bestial Brown
  3. OC Vermin Brown
  1. Black
  2. OC Boltgun Metal
  3. OC Mithril Silver
  1. OC Bestial Brown
  2. OC Vermin Brown
  3. OC Vermin Brown + OC Vomit Brown
  1. Black
  2. OC Chainmail
  • Base Coat OC CodexGrey, then 2 layers with white mixed in progressively.
  1. Basically the same as the hat, but with one more layerbefore highlights.
  1. OC Scorched Brown + Black
  2. OC Scorched Brown
  3. OC Scorched Brown + OC Bestial Brown
  • Built up using some greys, again. OC Codex Grey as highlight, if I recall correctly.
*Pheew* -  I really need to start writing down the colour breakdown along the way, instead of waiting 'til after i finished a mini...

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