Wednesday 5 June 2019

Moria Goblin Boss Rebased

I finally finished re-basing the metal Moria Goblin that is going to be the Boss of my Age of Fantasy Skirmish Goblin warband tomorrow.

As it is a Moria-themed model, I went for  the simple grey rubble look.

As mentioned earlier, I did not paint this mini, and I did not notice the eyes until looking at this picture - I may have to go back and give him actual eyes instead of the light green orbs he is sporting.

Other than that, he will do just fine.

I shall only get him and the Cave Troll ready for tomorrow's game, but as also mentioned earlier, I have plenty of painted Goblins to use, other than the ones being in the middle of the re-basing process at the moment.

I am rather excited about seeing how a 'horde' warband holds up to a more crack elite kind of list, and I shall be all the more wiser tomorrow afternoon!

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