Friday, 14 June 2019

2019-06-14: Age of Fantasy Skirmish AAR

Emil and I played 400 points/5 Rounds Moria Goblins and Gondorians on a 4x6 table in the Attic this afternoon. The sunlight played tricks on my camera for the first couple of pictures, but the red dot marks an Objective Marker..

Boromir lead a force headed by two Knights of Dol Amroth, and supported by the more arcane arts of his father (having a Palantír in his possesson, Denethor seems fit for the rôle as 'Prophet' (Wizard)). I shall paint a Saruman or Gandalf (or even Radagast) somewhen soonish, but in the meantime, Denethor will have to do.

As I have not been able to locate my Mori Goblin Shaman (I know I have one, somewhere, alongside some Goblin War Drums, and a Moria Goblin King (I think it is called)), but in exactly what box they are situated eludes me completely), I have not painted him up for the Goblin force, either, but instead I bolstered their ranks with another Troll (of the Mordor kind).

The positions after Round 1:
My Goblins had seized two of the four objectives, while the Gondorians clamed the one on their far left.

In Round 2, the action was focused near the only non-claimed Objective, and the large tree in the center.

Denethor attempted to cast a Fireball, but failed miserably, and my Trolls seemed to have forgotten how to use a hammer.

Round 3.
Denethor all but annihilated a Goblin spearmen unit with a fireball, but was the rapidly dispatched by some archers and my Boss.

The Mordor Troll almost single handedly held back the humans, while the Goblins fell like ripe fruit.

A handful of Goblin archers rushed for the far right Objective, but were spotted by Boromir who failed to wipe them out, and the Objective changed hands.

Round 4.
Both forces were worn down at this point, and the game really hang in the balance.

Round 5 started with the Goblins taking Break Tests.
I tried out my house rules for this, and as I had one Hero standing, each unit rolled two dice and picked the best result. Some of the Goblins farthest away from the Boss broke and ran away (among those the archers guarding the objective in the central ruin, which was kind of a bummer).

I tried very hard to kill off the last Gondorians within reach of the ever contested objective on my left, but the dice were not in my favour, and I had to give up.

As the objective in the central ruin could no longer be defended, the outcome of the fight at the tree was no longer of any consequence, as Gondor would inevitably end up controlling at least two Objectives, while I could only hope for keeping my single one (Boromir having reclaimed the opposite flank), so we called it a day.


It was a tense and close fought game, and I still really like the simplicity and fast flow of the One Page Rules.
Had I managed to kill a single human more in Round 4, the Gondorians would also have had to take Break Tests at the start of Round 5, which might have changed the outcome decisively. As it were, I did not have the necessary luck with the dice (especially my Trolls were not able to hit a barn with their warhammers), and I may have been focusing a tiny bit too much on taking/holding Objectives, instead of killing the opposition.

We shall definitely play this game some more - but I also want to get some Grimdark Firefight and SAGA Age of Magic up and running, so I think I am looking at a busy summer!

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