Sunday, 11 November 2018

Vacation 2016 - Day 16: Guédelon Castle, Part 14, The Last Photos, and Farewell to France - for this Time Being

After visiting the mill, we took a closer look at the rope-maker's workshop, and that concluded our visit to Guédelon.

We returned to the camping site for supper and a good night's sleep, before setting the course for Denmark and home the next morning.

Our GPS receiver for some reason led us through Paris, so we actually got a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower from a distance (while driving in queue for quite a while).

We had to drive all day and all night to return home the following morning, as we had to pick up Molly from the kennel, but the journey was fairly smooth, and in nborthern Germany, the petrol stations are open around the clock (as opposed to the south-eastern Catholic part of the country where they close at midnight), so there was no stress regarding fuel.

I want to return to Guédelon to see the completed castle in a couple of years, and France will probably be a regular destination for our family vacations (we went there this year (Normandy and Brittany 2018), and I imagine we shall probably go to the central region next year, as I want to take the kids whitewater rafting in the Massif Central).

Thanks for staying with me this far - I have an appointment coming Wednesday with a guy from work for introducing him to Sellswords & Spellslingers, so expect an AAR to pop up on these pages very soon!

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