Friday 23 November 2018

Sellswords & Spellslingers: Campaign Activity Period

I need to work through the Campaign Activities following my ill-fated introduction of Emil to Sellswords & Spellslingers, before I play a rescue scenario with Ulolkish tomorrow afternoon, so here it is:

NEW/UPDATED HOUSE RULE: Living Expenses and Treatment of Wounds

If an PC does not undertake a Campaign Activity that pays his/her living expenses, he/she must spend a minimum of 1 SP or lose 1 HP (in addition to any lost in the last scenario played).

A PC can only heal a maximum of 1 HP for each SP spent on living expenses/treatment between games.

Shaggram the Terrible

The Wizard earned 1 individual XP for picking up some jewelry, and is awarded an additional 1 XP from the Group XP Pool, bringing his total up to 36/25.

He decides to spend 10 XP to learn a level of Magic Mastery, and his total is now 36/35. Shaggram saves the remaining unspent XP for later.

He also barters with Argesïl, trading the found jewelry for the Magic Shield scroll the Rogue scavenged from the Troll slain by Leonides, just before the Barbarian succumbed to the onslaught of the Orcs.

Argesïl the Cunning

The Rogue also earned 1 Group XP, for a new total of 13/10.

He uses the excess XP on Pickpockets 2, leaving no XP for further advances for now, 13/13.

Instead of testing his newfound skills, he decides to sell off  some of his loot at the local market:

  • 1 Ruby, (7d6 SP -> 27 SP)
  • 1 piece of Jewelry (8 SP)
  • 1 piece of Jewelry (3d6 SP -> 9 SP)
Argesïl Haggles, rolling a 15, thus increasing the price by 10% (46 SP + 10 % (4 SP) = 50 SP), so can add 50 SP to his already heavy purse.

He also buys a shield for Rhagador.

Rhagador the Righteous

The 2 remaining 2 Group XP go to the Cleric, as he saw most of the action. His new total is 23/21.

He spends some time at the temple, receiving treatment for his wounds, learning from the healers there, acquiring Healer 2, which may come in very handy when trying to recover his lost comrades, bringing his XP to balance 23/23.

He gives 10 SP to Argesïl for buying him a new shield, as the old one was shattered under the heavy blows of an Orc Brute, and then he spends hour upon hour at the temple, Worshiping his deity and praying for guidance in the task at hand (spending another 15 SP on sacrifices, incense, candles, and other such trappings). This earns him a +1 on all Activation Rolls during the next scenario, until fails to roll any Actions.

Finghal the Sober

Still no news of the stalwart Fighter, presumed in captivity.

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