Friday 16 November 2018

Sellswords & Spellslingers: Preparing for a Rescue Scenario

I have had these Scotia Grendel 'Barbarian' buildings for quite a while - and with Finghal being held prisoner by the vile Orcs of the Badlands, it is now time to get two or three of these prepped and painted as quickly as possible.

I expect to don my dust mask tomorrow afternoon and get at least two of the smaller huts cleaned up and rinsed (time will tell if I shall need to break out the greenstuff), and then, hopefully, I shall be able to prime them before we go to Sønderjylland Sunday. I would like to have them painted up for next weekend, as I hope to be able to get a gaming appointment with Ulolkish, and I would be surprised if he will not be interested in joining me on an expedition deep into enemy territory in search for two lost adventurers...

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