Thursday, 29 November 2018

Bear with Me!

I need an angry bear for the Sellswords & Spellsligers scenario 'In Search of Rare Herbs', so i dug out these two.

The running specimen was originally made by the Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company, but is now produced and sold by North Star Military Figures, and the other one is from an old Jes Goodwin Wood Elf Beastmaster blister (hence the torc around its neck) from Citadel.

Basically, I shall have to experiment a bit with the colours, as I am not certain how to achieve the predominant colour of the European bear. I hope to mostly paint the first one coming Monday, so we shall see how it turns out...


  1. Have you got a 'Dremel' style of minidrill? Using a slowish speed and a ball-end file, you'd probably be able to reduce that torc to unnoticeable proportion. Look forward to your finished models.

    1. Yeah, I probably would have if I had another one of them, but I am reluctant to remove parts of minis that old and OOP. Besides, I may need a 'bear king', or 'tame' bear, or something similar somewhen in the future.
      I hope to start painting one of them tomorrow - today we have friends with kids over for a nice time, good food, and perhaps some boardgames.