Monday 30 July 2018

Star Wars Legion. Getting Stuck In

I got the SWL core set delivered today, and was very delighted to find that the minis come unattached to the bases, as I want to use washers instead of the clumsy plinth FFG provide for this game. The vehicle/large bases can probably be fitted with one or more washers underneath to add weight and magnetic properties.

It will be a while until I have time to assemble and paint the minis, but in the meantime I shall get some practise games played using the pre-painted WotC plastic figures I collected some years ago.

I shall start with only two basic 'grunts' squads, and a commander for each faction (I have enough to add a third squad for both factions when I have learned the ropes, but for now I shall settle for two each), and I can start assembling the speeders and the AT-ST on the side.

The Emperor's finest, led by everybody's favourite Sith Lord, bringing order and peace to the Galaxy.

Rebel scum, harbingers of strife and chaos.
Furthermore, I am receiving a 3D Printer one of the next days, destined for creating some Tatooine-style buildings, and Imperial bunkers (if I can get it to work as intended, that is).

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