Monday, 2 July 2018

New Window for the Garage Attic

Aboujt a week ago, last Sunday, Kevin and his brother gave me a hand with the new window for the garage attic.

I purchased the window two years ago, but the family landspeeder then needed some serious repairs, and I could not find the money for hiring a carpenter to do the job (and I dared not make an attempt on my own).

But when Kevin and I played Black Powder a month or so ago, and it was very hot, I mentioned that I already had a window to replace the old, not very functional, one, and as it turned out, he and his brother had just changed the windows in Kevin's home.

About 1½ hour well spent, and Argonor's Attic can now get vented whenever needed!

This will be a big help the next time I arrange Attic Attack, as the attic has a tendency to get very hot when the sun is shining outside, and it has been hard to breathe up there at more than one occasion.

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